Pulling the Roots Out

During my time studying in Melbourne, Australia, I rented a house with a few friends. It was almost love at first sight with the house. It was spacious, the layout was nice, an awesome kitchen and there was enough room for all four of us boys. It also had a enough space in the back for a garden. That’s the problem. Non of us were the gardening type and no one really liked weeding. So we did all smart pragmatic university students did, we left it to thrive in its full glory driven by the force of nature.

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A New Way to Connect

Hi! Welcome to our newly revamped SDACC website. Hope you’ll be able to find the information you need from the website and if not, drop me a mail and I’ll look into it.

I’ll also start to share some of my views on the Christian faith and how we can understand God better.

I’ll be posting comments and questions  before or after every sermon here stretch to your brain a little, so do check back often!